• Image of "The Dizzy Dictionary" Book

"The Dizzy Dictionary" by The Pizz

An A-B-C of kustom kulture, lowbrow, and hot-rod cultural terms, presented in a friendly child-like book. The Dizzy Dictionary is a twist on a well-known format, the illustrated dictionary, updated and downgraded for today's modern world: T is for Tiki; J is for Jet Car; N is for Nitrous Oxide; B is for Biker; I is for Iron Cross; V is for Voodoo; Z is for Zombie.

With bold, punchy illustrations, the graphics seem to have one foot in the '60s and the other in the present day. The Pizz's illustrations appeal to a wide range of fans, from rockabilly hot-rodders to Japanese urban vinyl collectors, and all the underground art aficionados in between.